Fixed-Fee Service

We can combine the reassurance of a knowledgeable, friendly voice on the other end of the phone handling all your accounting concerns with the security of a steady monthly fee. Our Fixed-Fee Service offers everything most small businesses need and great value-for-money. It’s not just “mechanical” advice that we provide, but comprehensive guidance and business support. We also help you to fit this within your budget with different payment plans.

Start-Up Service

Our Start-Up Service is the perfect package for new entrepreneurs. Come to us as soon as your begin planning your enterprise's finances and we will guide you all the way from your choice of company structure to finding the most tax-efficient accounting solution. We explain what expenditure is tax deductible, i.e. wholly and exclusively for business.

Compliance Services

When you need advice on how to make sure your accounts and returns meet legal requirements and someone to help you to reach those standards---whether of record-keeping or adequacy---and to reach them on time, we are your partners. We are thorough, diligent, and knowledgeable---and we take the time to get to know your business.

Tax Planning

It's vital to be prepared well in advance of meeting your tax obligations and we do everything we can to keep our clients ahead of the game. Our approach to pre-year-end tax planning is second to none: legal, efficient, and effective.

Company Formation

Via an agent, we offer same-day company registration. Not only do we handle the administrative details, but we also give you advice on VAT and PAYE registration, provide you with a registered office address, even give you tips on where to fix your accounting year end.

Management Accounting

To succeed, you need to be up to speed with the current state of your enterprise's finances. Every business has key performance indicators. We can help you identify yours and help you to monitor them. We arrange pre-year-end finance meetings. When you know where you are right now, you can plan your next steps forward.

Third-Party Services

Whenever outside support---for example book-keeping or payroll---is required for any of the above services, we can guide you to appropriate and reliable service providers. We make sure these basic tasks are handled well so that we, and you, can concentrate on bigger questions of strategy, i.e. get you where you want to go. Through networking, we have developed strong relationships, for example, with insurance and mortgage brokers, stationers, Web designers, etc, and can refer you to effective and efficient service providers.